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SEOQUOTES did a really good job in providing full site audit report and recommendations needed to move our FB marketing efforts. Definitely will be working on a long term basis.

~ Sol Wong

Beautiful Targeted Ads To Over 1 Billion Users

Adding Facebook marketing to your overall digital marketing strategy will make a massive improvement to your
online visibility. Facebook is a great platform to gain new customers, communicate with them, and promote new ads.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms with millions of users around the world. It is not surprising that many companies see the opportunity of promoting their products or services on this site. Therefore, you should too.

Why Facebook Marketing?

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests

Advertising on Facebook is an opportunity to create cost-effective campaigns, unlike the traditional way of advertising. The conventional method requires you to pay up to millions for a billboard display and television ad airing. Meanwhile, on Facebook, you can spend at least five dollars to reach every 1000 people.
Facebook lets you communicate what your business wants to tell to your audience through multimedia such as videos and graphics. This social media platform provides you selections on how you can interact with your audience.
Aside from this benefit, it also enhances the public’s awareness of your brand. It will build your reputation, which will catch your customers’ attention.
If done successfully, it also provides a vehicle for you to open your doors to a new market.

FB marketing can help you in the following aspects:

• Sales
• App installation
• Store visits
• Customer reach and engagement
• Multimedia exposure
• Brand awareness
• Lead generation
• Traffic
• Traffic conversion

What makes Facebook an effective marketing platform is that it makes use of laser-targeted demographics. You can narrow down your target audience according to its interest, age, income, and more. You do not have to spend tons of money to target those people who may not feel interested in availing of your products or services.

Interact and Engage
your audience

Facebook has greatly enhanced the options available to advertisers in recent years, allowing you to convey your message with images, text and videos, giving you options in how and when you reach your audience. The plurality of advertising methods means our performance media team can deliver ads perfectly suited to customers’ time constraints, attention span, and current focus, and can offer additional design services which can provide you customized cover images to help your business Facebook page stand out.

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Why Choose Our Company as
Your FB Advertising Agency

What an FB advertising agency like us can do for you is to provide the right ads to your consumers while they are using their leisure time on social media. We offer you the best solutions to maximise your budget.

Marketing on Facebook is a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy. Our company can help you maximise your budget by finding what kind of device your customers use when they log in on Facebook.

We harness Facebook’s full potential for providing the best marketing services for your business. We help your customers determine your products’ and services’ value proposition to increase awareness and traffic.

An FB advertising agency, like us, can also determine your potential customer’s behaviour, which helps determine the right ad campaigns and the best Facebook strategy. Using these techniques, we can guarantee that your potential customers will appreciate the appearance of your ads no matter which devices they use.

Our team can help deliver the perfect ads that fit your customers’ Facebook behaviour. We can create ads that can adapt to the customers’ focus, attention, and time.

Working with our team is the best investment you can make. We can guarantee that what we will advise will maximise your every penny. You can ask one of our specialists to find new ways to have a quality Facebook marketing campaign.


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