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Secret of Instagram Marketing in Hong Kong and How Did They Do It

Instagram is not just about your post; some Instagram agency in Hong Kong is taking it to a whole new level. There is an increasing number of social media influencers in recent years that greatly affected consumers’ drive to buy. Hong Kong has been using a less in cost strategy but has a high target audience reach.

Why Does Instagram Advertising in Hong Kong Use Influencers?

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Instagram has millions of active users in Hong Kong, making it the perfect platform to market your brand. There has been a drastic change in the industry regarding significant endorsement made by known personalities. Actors and models are not as convincing as it was years ago. The people, especially Hong Kong citizens, are more convinced to buy products promoted by social media influencers.

How to Make Aesthetics and Marketing Come Hand in Hand

Editing your product’s perfect photo is not the only factor you must consider in Instagram marketing in Hong Kong. You must first know what your market wants to see to be able to capture their attention. For that, you need to adjust the content that you will produce for higher engagement and brand recall.

How to Choose Influencers
That Fits Your Brand:

1. Your brand and the influencer you have in mind must have the
same target audience.
2. The content and posting of your chosen influencer must fit the
brand that you have.
3. There must be a common denominator between your
brand and the influencer when it comes to your image, vision, or
advocacy to produce a more convincing endorsement of your brand.

Benefits in Using Influencers to Market Your Brand:

1. Using Influencers to promote your brand creates a more natural connection between your brand and your target audience. It would not come off as hard sell but rather a friend recommending you a good brand.
2. Influencers as endorsers of the brand are more approachable from the audience’s perspective than actors and models. It creates more organic interactions and engagement between influencers and the target market who wants to know more about your brand.
3. It is less costly to use influencers. The payment for their promotion is cheaper compared to models and actresses. You can pay Instagram influencers in the form of VIP treatment or gift cards from your brand.

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Instagram Content Made Exclusively For Your Brand

One of the strategies advertisers do in Hong Kong is to pay the influencer that they have chosen to create one or several contents that promotes your brand. This posting is exclusive for your brand, or they will connect your brand with the content that they will produce. It will depend on the content that you both have agreed to each other. It could be in the form of photo sponsorship, product review on Instagram TV or live short skit, and other creative content.

Team That Understands Your Vision and End Goal

Search for your local advertising agency to help you create engaging advertising strategies that fit your marketing goals. If you also want to step up your marketing game on online platforms, you can learn one or two lessons on how some Instagram agency in Hong Kong did theirs.

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